Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Race: The Power of the Illusion: The Difference Between Us

Because of our history of moving, mating, and mixing most human variation, especially of older complex traits, can be found within any population, most of it from a common source in Africa.

The video’s argument was about race is not biological. Over all of the research that scientists have made about each of the different races, there is absolutely no evidence that shows a certain race contains something different than any other race biologically on the inside. The only differences between races are what can be seen on the outside. For example, the physique of a Caucasian or an African American’s facial features would have slight differences in comparison to someone of Indian or Asian descent. Though the differences are very subtle and there is no certain characteristic that is unique to any race’s facial features, along with any other parts of the human body. Genetically, there are no differences that are exclusive to any type of race. Every single human of every race has a genetic makeup unique to only themselves, and being genetically similar to anyone of the same race is just a mere coincidence. People of a particular race could have a closer DNA gene to a person of a separate race as opposed to one of their own. There is no way to tell what race a person is solely based on their genetics. This was proven in the classroom example which was shown periodically throughout the video.

What are the consequences of the conclusion that the only way the word race can be used is to tell the difference between outward appearances? Well, even though that this statement is true; unfortunately there is still slight racism throughout the world. Certain races are looked down upon by others because they may feel “superior”, or think that a different race is “inferior” to them because they appear to be the weaker group of humans. This discovery also points out how entirely wrong the early settlers in the Americas were when classifying the different races as being better or worse than the other. Externally, yes there are differences, though not enough to say that different races are superior or inferior to one another. Melanin is the reason for the color differences, and depending on where one originated from, the melanin in people’s skin adjusts accordingly in order to protect one from being harmed by the sunlight. Since melanin really one of the only subtle features that can tell people of different races apart, once again there really is no difference between one human from the next in ranks or skill level. Every human is built biologically the same way.

Overall, I found the video very informative, and I learned quite a few new things as well. Proving that the genetics within a person is as random within a particular race as it is with anyone else in the entire world. There is no specific gene or anything biological that can set races apart. I also thought the author of the video displayed his argument very well, along with very strong proofs and examples. The classroom example with having each person guess who else they are probably more similar to, and showing the ending results was very creative. This evidence also proves that any racism against others dealing with certain superior versus inferior complexes are null and void of ever being correct, because in the end there are no real differences that state who is within the better race. Though unfortunately at the fault of the settlers, we today are still paying for what they started with racism in the past. Even though the amount of racism has significantly decreased within the past few hundred years, there are some views and phrases that are still around that come off as becoming racist.

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